Working as an expert at Premex

Premex is the UK's largest provider of medico-legal reports, delivering the highest quality service across all case types. As a leader in the industry, we connect law firms with our established, nationwide panel of experts, ensuring our customers have access to the best and most relevant medical experts in the country.

How We Work

Whether you have existing relationships with instructing parties, or you’d like to make yourself available for instruction, you have the freedom to choose how you interact with Premex and our customers. You’ll always have control over your workload, giving you the freedom to manage your existing clinical commitments with your medico-legal practice. So, if you do become a Premex panel member, you’ll benefit from working with a global business and will be guaranteed payment regardless of whether a case is settled.

Expert Liaison Team

We’re here to help you succeed, which is why we have a dedicated coordinator for each area who will assist you in raising your profile with our 600+ customers. Our team will also provide feedback on your CV and report writing techniques from ourselves and instructing parties.


We’re dedicated to ensuring our experts have the best possible experience when working with Premex. That’s why when working with us, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Favourable payment terms
  • Flexibility of workload
  • Free use of advanced technology
  • Annual development programmes


If you’d like further information about working with Premex and joining our panel, please contact: